Oh hello again! I’m Shruti, and I’d love to get better acquainted.

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs like you represent your authentic self to the world, through your branding & web presence.

I get it. You’re an entrepreneur, with constant demands on your time and energy. You wear many hats, and each tugs you in a different direction. You are so busy serving clients and running your business, that building or refreshing your website is the last thing on your list. But you know that today, having a website is non-negotiable.

It doesn’t have to be hard. I am here for you. I understand that technology can seem overwhelming. And it’s ever-changing—who has the time to keep up? When we team up, you will have a dynamic, mobile-ready website that you will LOVE to show off.

Curious to know how I got here? 

Picture this: a 14-year-old girl with glasses and a ponytail is staring at the screen of a huge desktop. She’s using dial-up (how quaint!) to connect to something called the “internet”. Then the magic happens. The Hotmail homepage loads onto Internet Explorer.

I was hooked.

Before I knew it, I was writing code. I was slaking my thirst for this new passion with classes in high school and then university. I pursued my engineering degree in Computer Science. All my electives were built around HTML & CSS (website design languages) or entrepreneurship.

Then my love of coding collided joyfully with my love of spirituality. Around the time I was graduating in engineering, I met my first spiritual teacher. My life was transformed, and I began to explore a deeper meaning to life.

My first job was as a content writer in his ashram. I wrote blogs on topics such as yoga, meditation, and different aspects of spirituality.

I later joined a not-for-profit organisation, just as social media was gaining momentum as a marketing platform. I wrote blogs and content for the organisation’s website and social media, which I found exciting and dynamic. I was swimming in a sea of social media marketing and branding —and I loved it.

I put my newfound knowledge to use when I joined a technology startup, where I was a part of a small team. I gained first-hand experience of the inner workings of a small business.

In 2014, I married the love of my life. We embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, moving from the teeming metropolis of Bangalore to Perth, the most isolated city in the world. It stretched me in myriad ways, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I was ready to channel all my experiences into a niche business around my core passions.

Nowadays, I get to work with amazing & ambitious businesswomen like YOU.

Are you ready to attract your soulmate clients, earn premium prices, and take YOUR business to the next level?